Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Act to enable UK to implement the Hague Convention

Act to enable the United Kingdom to implement the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict of 1954 comes into force 12th December 2017.

 That was the nineteen FIFTY-four Convention.

If only they'd given Brexiting as much thought and debate...

DMSC claim can only raise a hollow laugh, to be 'leaders' you'd have had to implement it half a century ago,

Monday, 11 December 2017

Fluffy Thinking on Metal Detecting: The Legacy of the PAS

In response to the article 'Night hawkers (sic) defile (sic) Cirencester's Roman amphitheatre' one Graham Burgess naively following the official line  replies
True. But don't decry all detectorists. Recent report from PAS shows that 98% of reported finds were from them. RAMs need better protection and public education to report nighthawk desecration
I am not sure what kind of 'protection' he wants to give ancient monuments and how you can 'report' what you cannot see (because they go out at night Mr Burgess, when it is dark).  There is however the problem of fluffy thinking:
What do you mean "98%" Mr Burgess? 98% of what, precisely? How many finds dug up by artefact hunters simply disappear into their ephemeral collections *without record*? http://www.heritageaction.org.uk/erosioncounter/ This is a process in which, legal or not,  *all* detectorists are involved
Also, somewhet disturbng is the use of teh verb 'defle' in the original text, what does it mean here? And of course a "hawker" is somebody who sells something. While illicit artefact hunting may be done for profit, the term usually used is "nighthawks". Let us stick to one terminology otherwise we get in a muddle.

Ahmad Al Mahdi Destroyed Heritage, Sentenced in Court

The destruction of Cultural Heritage is a War Crime! Meet Ahmad Al Mahdi, the first person convicted of the war crime of having deliberately destroyed Cultural Heritage. Learn the story. (UNESCO).

Smokescreen Challenged

Antiquities trade lobbyist Peter Tompa from his '@Aurelius 16 11 80' account poses a  loaded question, Peter Tompa posing as a one-man cultural property (recte: antiquities trade) lobbying organization laughably called Global (sic) Heritage alliance ' answers it.... fortunately on the other side of the fence are people who - unlike most collectors it seems - can use what they have in their heads:

In fact, if you took away about six people, the entire US pro-no-questions-asked antiquities trade lobby in the form of multiple pop-up mouthy 'heritage organizations' would just collapse.

For who the GHA purports to be, see here. \

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Treasure Registrar: Tell the Whole Story - Like it IS

Artefact collectors as a whole love playing the victim, now's their chance:  Heritage Action, 'The Treasure Registrar: fake news and misleading the taxpaying public' 10/12/2017
[...] If anyone can show how this isn’t clear evidence of the Establishment spreading fake news and misleading the taxpaying public about the true nature of metal detecting in Britain …. we’ll publish it!
Any takers?

Vignette: Naked bias needs exposing

Friday, 8 December 2017

' Antiquities are a solid investment'

Chris Carter (moneyweek.com 08/12/2017) reckons ' Antiquities are a solid investment' . The article is full of auction results indicating that artefacts can ndeed be very valuable on the market. That is of course if you have the paperwork. The Montreal Persepolis relief fragment is now commerciqally worthless now we know where exactly  it is from.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

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